Facts You Possibly Did Not Know About Deodorants

Human beings sweat for a reason any still, we invest in our money just to prevent or at least cover the smell of our sweat. However, even for a fact that we utilize it daily, we doubt that you all know the following facts that might surprise you about your deodorants. Check out some of them below: 

You could be immune to your deodorant 

It looks like our bodies have the capability to adapt to the sweat-stopping means of antiperspirants, however, nobody actually knows why. The human bodies could possibly adapt and look for ways to unplug the glands or just make more sweat in the other glands of the body. Hence, it would be a great idea to change your deodorant products at least every 6 months or more. You can try natural deodorants that means it aluminum free since it’s proven to be organic and effective.  

Deodorant does not care whether you are female or male 

In fact, in comparison to men, women have more sweat glands. But, the sweat glands of men generate more sweat. However, deodorant for women or men is more or less a marketing strategy. Discovery Health reported that one brand’s deodorant variants both for women and men contain the same amount of active ingredients in the sticks. It’s just the fragrance and packaging that differs. 

You can actually make a deodorant of your own 

A lot of plant extracts and oils have their natural antibacterial powers. Hence, you can theoretically create your own version of stench-preventing deodorant quite easily. But people tend to believe that store-bought and all-natural products have different levels of efficacy. This goes without mentioning that you will not see antiperspirants that are all-natural, just odor blockers.  

Deodorants can kill bacteria 

Sweats naturally don’t stink. It is actually almost odorless. However, the smell comes from the bacteria that breaks down a couple of sweat types on your skin. Deodorants have a few antibacterial elements to prevent the smell before it begins, while antiperspirant directly deals with the sweat.  

Nobody knows why yellow stains occur—not even the manufacturers of deodorant 

The major theory about this is that the antiperspirant’s aluminum-based ingredients react with the laundry detergent, shirts, skin, and/or sweat somehow to create that smelly stain. Even Hanes is looking up about the yellowing phenomenon, which is reported by the Wall Street Journal. Experts say that the only means of really preventing the yellow phenomenon is to refrain from using aluminum-based antiperspirants.  

 Antiperspirants do not really stop the process of sweating 

Antiperspirant’s aluminum compounds can successfully prevent the eccrine sweat glands. However, the FDA regulated that brands should only cut back on sweat by 20% to swear by saying on its label “all-day protection.” Meanwhile, those antiperspirant that claims “extra strength” are just cutting down the wetness by 30%. 

Those are only a few of the many facts about deodorants that you might not know of. If you’re interested to learn more about this topic, visit our website regularly.  

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