What You Should Know About Milk Tea

Milk tea applies to any tea drink with extra milk. It may be a hot teacup with a sprinkle of milk. It can also be a complicated recipe with various ingredients, such as a bubble tea. A lot of people drink milk worldwide. Because of its soothing aroma, black tea must be the most popular in the world.  

What’s in a Milk Tea?  

Milk tea is milk-added tea, literally. It provides a slightly sweeter flavor, which is why it is also called as sweet tea. Tea is a common drink served in different areas of the globe. That is why you can easily change your regular cup of tea.  

In other places, milk tea serves as the standard tea type. That’s most noticeable in India where what they call is actually milk tea. If the tea doesn’t have milk, then is black tea. This is the one that’s very popular in Ireland, England, Canada, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka.   

However, milk tea may also be referred to as a hot or cold drink recipe that combines tea and milk of any type. Most countries use their own versions of milk tea recipes, which is now getting very popular in the U.S.   

How is Milk Tea Made?  

While milk tea may be produced in different ways, although as stated earlier, black tea remains to be the most popular base. It’s also the healthiest tea available. There are a lot of antioxidants in black tea that can improve your overall health, and reduce the instances of chronic diseases. The digestive system also gains polyphenols and antimicrobials from milk tea. Polyphenols help control cancer cells. This is how black tea helps. It also helps people manage stress better and increase their energy requirements.  

The nine essential nutrients of milk tea are Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It has many health benefits because it’s filled with tons and minerals and vitamins. The benefits are achieved even if there’s just a little milk added to the tea.  

Why Milk Tea?  

When milk is added to the tea, the taste becomes less astringent and less bitter. Milk covers some of the bitter chemicals in tea. Almost always, many teas are served with milk to minimize bitterness, such as the Indian Assam tea. This strong tea can also be used to make milk tea. It is quite popularly used as the afternoon tea stable in the UK.  

But then, bitter compounds of tea have their own health benefits. If you have to drink tea to improve your health, then taking it without milk would be better. There are no clear rules on the quantity of milk that should be added to your tea. Some tea doesn’t need much milk. It is all about your personal preferences.   

Try to find good recipes when making milk tea. You’ll be surprised at what you may add to the mix. There are milk teas that use cow milk substitutes, such as soy, rice, and almond milk. While coconut milk isn’t as versatile as the others, you can make a delicious drink with it, too. There are all great ideas if you intend to get your own boba franchise 

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