How to Prepare for Dumpster Drop-off

It is a good idea to prepare the spot where you plan to have your rented dumpster placed since it can save hassle and time when your driver arrives for delivery. This isn’t a time-consuming or difficult thing to do and chances are it will also increase the potential that the whole process is free from any problem. 

The preparation process of a dumpster rental service is actually pretty simple and it also begins when you first book the dumpster company only or through the phone. You should ask your chosen dumpster rental company if the placement location you propose is considered as a viable option or not. Some of the areas where you might not be able to put the dumpster include: 

  • Sandy or soft surfaces where trucks can get stuck 
  • Steep hill where dumpsters can move or shift 
  • Side of a street in the city wherein a dumpster permit might be required first 

Actually, these are just some examples, however reasonable enough to fully understand the vitality of figuring out the placement of your rented dumpster early on. The best placement options for your rented dumpster are the following: 

  • Hard surface 
  • Flat surface  

A hard and flat surface is ideally the best place to put a dumpster. This includes an asphalt or concrete parking lot, driveway, hard-packed dirt, or street. Ideal conditions are not always possible. This is the reason why it’s important that you discuss this matter with your preferred dumpster rental service provider prior to the drop-off. 

Dumpster placement on much softer surfaces like sand is also possible if only the proper preparation work is performed ahead of time. Generally, this include placing some plywood on the ground in order to compensate for the dumpster placement conditions that are less than idea. 

Make Sure to Clear Out and Clean Up Obstructions  

Ultimately, the most ideal way on how to prepare for the drop off of your rented dumpster or container is to make it easy for the driver of the truck to complete the delivery. Remove debris, kid’s toys, cars, trash cans, outdoor furniture, or fences (in some cases) that might be obstructing the way of the delivery and drop-off area. 

A usual roll-off dumpster delivery truck actually needs a bigger space in order to unload the container. This is why it’s important to bear it in mind when you clear off the drop-off location or the driveway.  

Property Damage Prevention During Dumpster Drop-Off 

As we have previously mentioned, clearing out obstructions is a good way to reduce any chance of property damage caused by the dumpster itself of the roll-off delivery truck. The more maneuvering the truck driver must do, there’s a much greater risk of property damage, which is why it’s very important that you clear the area first before you signal the company to deliver the dumpster. For more information about dumpster deliver preparation, you can also contact a professional dumpster rental service provider near your area and discover more benefits of hiring one.